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On a shiny summer day, somewhere in a distant valley, far away from us, fate was going to set the prolouge of a great story:

"Grandpa! I'm back! Look what I have found!! Yummy dinner today!" the young boy yelled out full of happiness and pride while waving with his arms to catch the glace of the old man. The boy had pitch-black hair, which were standing from his head like it wanted to defeat earth's gravity. But that wasn't the most remarkable aspect of him. That attribute goes to the brown fury tail he had on his butt! To complete the picture of strangeness the boy was just carrying a big wolf!
"Good job, Goku! Good idea! Bring it inside!" the old man laughed while caressing the boy's head. His name was Son Gohan.
The boy- Goku- nodded and brought his prey in their small hut, a very small and poor-looking house, but their didn't need more. In this deep and thick forest they were the only sign of human civilization in the range of more than three-hundred kilometers.
Goku came back on the double and stood in front of his grandfather.
"Grandpa, it's time for the training!"
"Yeah, understood. Just a second, I have to finish this… you can make the warm-ups in the meantime!"
"OK…!" the boy answered as politely as he could in his eagerness und ran to a small grassland behind the hut, while Gohan cut the last trunks of wood. Despite his age- Goku didn't know the number of years that man had already lived- he was still in such a good shape to make some of the younger elite athletes be envious. After finishing he joined his grandson in the warm-ups; then they began to make some Kata to prepare for the real training. Correct, they trained martial arts.
"Goku! Focus! You are much too restless! Look… calm, but powerful movements… concentrate…" Gohan told Goku more than once. The boy tried to accomplish that request, but only after some minutes he was back again with his unsteady doing. Again he was scolded by his grandfather. "Goku! You got to learn to focus! In a fight concentration is the key!"
After the relatively boring part it was finally time for the interesting one: free sparring. While the old master was using special fighting poses, Goku was just standing there as open as person could stand. How many times Gohan had told him to change that, but until now in vain. Maybe he would change that in the future.
"Good. Come on, Goku!"
"Here I go, grandpa!"
Goku jumped at him and attacked with a flying kick, but Gohan blocked him, caught his leg and hurled him around. The boy stood up without problems and looked back at his sparring partner in surprise and annoyance.
"What was that?! Come again! You can do better than this!" the old master laughed at Gokus sniffy face.
"Ok! What about that?! Yahaaa!!!"
Again he jumped at him- making a jump of more than 5 meters- and attacked with a storm of punches. But again, despite their speed, Gohan blocked all of them with ease and countered him with a powerful jab straight in Gokus face.
"Outch! Damn! I'm not finished yet!!" Goku yelled out and tensed his right arm. "Scissors… paper… stone!!"
With all his might he jumped at his mentor, who only dodged this blow, so that the boy, carried by his own power, was send flying a few meters and finally fell to the ground.
"But… why??? Why doesn't it work???" the young fighter growled while standing up again.
"Ahahahaha! Well, there are some flaws in your technique. You have to look your opponent straight in the face when you attack. Your fist is very powerful, but it lacks speed and with some experience you can dodge it with ease. But… you are improving. C'mon, try again! Practice is all!" the master explained smiling. He knew about his grandson's lack of patience; which was almost bigger that his extraordinary talent for martial arts.
An almost extraterrestrial talent. The boy must have around 9 years now, but his strength and endurance were already bigger than the one of a normal human. For one moment Gohan was caught in the memory of that day from almost nine years ago, when he had found Goku as a newborn in the forest. He was all alone, like the ideom "fallen from the skies". He found him in proximity of a strange metal sphere, in the middle of a smoking crater of more than five meters in depth. How many times he had wondered where this boy had come from. From the sky?
"Grandpa! Here I come again!" Gokus warning brought him back to the events of here and now.
"Good! Try your best!"

The training went on until sunset, as it was time for supper. They ate the wolf Goku had caught earlier, as a nice BBQ. Such a dish wasn't that strange for them.
"Goku… tonight there will be a full moon. You know what that means?" Gohan made this question with a real stern face.
Goku looked up from his meal and nodded. "Yes. Tonight the monster of the full moon will appear! I have to stay inside the house and shall not go out! Understood, Grandpa!"
"Good boy." Gohan was relieved and smiled again is his usual calming way. He made that question evry month before the full moon, it was a sort of ritual. The memory of the last appearance of the "monster of the full-moon" was still vivid and frightening. It cost him a lot of strength and endurance to stop it, a big scar on his back was an eternal reminder of that battle. But he knew that the origin of that danger still wasn't cleared. He continued to watch his grandson with a lot of sorrow, while the boy was gulping down yet another dish full of meat.
"Good. Don't forget to wash your face ad brush your teeth, then go to sleep. Tomorrow I will show you something interesting!"
"OK, Grandpa!"
As usual Goku was obedient and followed the indications without any arguments. In the meantime the old man carefully closed all the windows; not even a single ray of moonlight was allowed to fall into their house. He went to bed after his grandson and waited silently until the boy was fully asleep. Ten minutes later Gokus calm and regular breathing proved that he now was in the land of dreams.
"Good…" Gohan suspired with relief. "Now that he is sleeping not even an earthquake would wake him up. Looks like it will be all right."
He tried to stay awake, but after two more hours his eyelids began to become heavy and finally he felt asleep.

That night was short, an unusual thing in the household Son. Goku began to turn and toss in his sleep, like he was dreaming about something unpleasant.
"No… no… stop… it explodes… The moon…! No… go away! Monster… NO!" the groaned in his sleep, until he finally snapped awake. He was out of breath and covered in sweat, it took him some seconds to regain the orientation of time and space. He didn't wake up his grandfather through.
Slowly he turned around in his bed, but he wasn't able to fall asleep again. He could turn and toss around as much as he wanted, it didn't work. It was fate that at some point his eyes caught a really small ray of light coming though one of the windows. That ray of light ignited the boy's curiosity until the point of making him stand up to discover its origin. But closed in as he was he couldn't see a thing, so he sneaked to the door and opened it.
The creaking noise of the door made Gohan jump out from his slumber. He looked to Gokus bed, only to find it empty.
"Goku! I ordered you not to go outside!!" he yelled out and jumped up to follow the boy. He caught a glance of his tail in the door, waving in excitation. "GOKU!!! Come back! Now!! The monster's coming!!" But the boy seemed to be deaf or something; he ignored him and ran outside. Now the blood of the old master was overflowing with adrenaline from the pure fear.
"Grandpa…? Why is it so bright if it's night?" he could hear Gokus voice already far away.
"GOKU!!! Damn it! This is an order! Come back on the double!! Do you hear me?!" Gohan yelled now a bit angered. Since when Goku didn't follow his orders?
He ran after the boy, who was standing in the shadow of a big tree, the full moon high up in the sky above them. Then he made one step further and he was bathed in the light of the full moon.
"Ohhh! It's pretty! The full moon! I've never seen it…" Gohan jumped at Goku and covered his head with his coat. "Hey! What'cha doing, Grandpa?!"
"Nothing… I protect you from the monster! Come, we have to go back now…!" the man explained nervously and pushed him in the direction of their home, the "save place". But after some steps the body of the boy stiffed up in a strange way. "GOKU!! Move! Please!!"
But it was too late, he couldn't hear him anymore. Like under hypnosis he was staring at the bright sphere in the sky, his eyes shining in a bloody red and the beats of his heart powerful as a drum. Before Gohan could intervene the strange metamorphosis had already begun and was unstoppable. The body of the boy grew in size until tearing his clothing to shreds, his face transformed into the wild and furious grimace of an ape-like animal. His height began to increase more and more, and his whole body was covered in a dark fur. Gohans beloved grandson was now more than ten meters tall and a menacing wild were-ape.
The monster of the full-moon was here.
"GOKU!!! Dear God, calm down!! It's me, your grandpa! Please!!!" he screamed as loud as he could, but in vain. The growl of the monster shook the whole forest; all of his inhabitants woke up and began to flee instinctively. One punch uprooted trees from the age hundreds of years, his stomping feet destroyed rocks bigger than busses. Gohan had to make a jump of more than twenty meters to dodge the branches and stones that were flying around; he had to destroy some of the bigger rocks with his fists. But he wasn't careful enough; in a moment of distraction he was hit by the monster's tail and hurled up the ground. Not even feeling the bleeding wound on his forehand he stood up again and faced the monster again.
"Goku!! Stop with that! Please! Calm down!!!"
The only answer was a big rock that Goku launched at him; he missed him only by some inches. He noticed that the power of his grandson seemed to have multiplied; he seemed now to might for him. There was only one way out…
"Goku… please forgive me… I'm doing this also for you…"
He jumped away and waited for a brief calm in that inferno, in which Goku was turning the forest into. The old master was standing on a rock and focused all his energy to the maximum, his muscles began to grow in size.
"Please forgive me…" he whispered; then he yelled out: "Ka… Me… Ha… Me…" A shining ball of light appeared in his hands, it grew until reaching the size of a basketball. Then the final syllable: "HAAAAA!!!"
A bright shining comet of pure energy shot through the night and hot Goku in the middle of his chest; a scream of pain erupted, but he didn't stop.
"Give up!! Surrender!! I plea you, FALL DOWN!!!"
But he didn't fall. Somehow the monster ape stopped the energy-beam and sent it back to the sender. Gohan could dodge it just with the very last power of desperation; the Kamehameha hit the ground behind him and turned the forest into a bluish light, followed by the red light of a deafening explosion.
"Da… Damn!! That… it… impossible!!!" he blurted out, seeing the uselessness of his actions. The last time with his he had been able to make him loose consciousness, but now the monster had become too strong. But the worst part of it was that now he was short of energy. And the monster in front of him was now even more furious. But there was no time to recover; Goku smashed trees and rocks against his aggressor and ran after him. Gohan tried his best to dodge, but the more he had to move, the more he used up is residual energy; his body began to be covered in bruises and contusions.
"Shoot… I have… to resist… until sunrise… Nothing more…" was his only thought, but he knew ho illusionary it was. No, it was impossible. Not with the power the monster still showed, destroying rocks and eradicating trees. With one smash he even changed the flow of a small river.
Then his mind gave him a new hope. "The tail!! I have to try that or I'll die…" He remembered an episode, where Goku had displayed much of pain and loss of strength as his tail was accidently pinched between two rocks. Could that be the solution..?
While letting the monster cover the forest in his fury, Gohan stood behind him and waited for the perfect timing. Goku held his tail away from his body, so it was an easy target. The old master collected his last energy into his hand, his eyes shimmered in tears. Having to face his beloved grandson in such a deadly battle was a shitty fate.
"Goku… I hope you will forgive me…"
As the were-ape was standing right in front of him, his butt showing towards him, he finally jumped into the air. With the edge of his hand, which glowed in bluish light, he aimed at the origin of Gokus tail. He was already there, in his mind he could already feel his hand cutting through the hair and the flesh, but it was only a mere illusion. Frozen in shock he noticed that Goku had seen through his plan; but it was too late to get away from there.
The next punch hit him with full force; as Gohan was hurled against a distant rock far away, he already had lost consciousness. Goku lost the sight of his opponent, because he was now hidden by trees and bushes down there; and that's why he finally lost also his interest. It had been only a matter of seconds, but this moments were about to change the boy's life forever, even if he didn't know it yet.

Fortunately even the darkest and demonic night is supposed to find an end. The sun of the new day enlightened a scene of devastation, after the full-moon already had set hours ago. No noise was hearable, not a single bird sang; the only things you cloud hear was the rustle of the trees and the flow of the water in the rivers. And, most of all, there was no giant were-ape.
After the full-moon had set, Goku had returned to his normal state and now he was sleeping on a grass field some hundred meters away from his house, naked as he was after his transformation. Now the rays of sunlight woke him up from his slumber; after some seconds of disorientation he opened the eyes and noticed that he was not in his bed. He wasn't even in his house. And around him all he could see was a tremendous devastation.
"Hu? What has happened here? Did pass by a hurricane?"
He stood up to take a look around, he found his house damaged, but still standing. But where was his grandfather?
"Grandpa! Where are you? It's me, Goku!!!"
No answer. He began to search behind every rock and trunk, but with no success. Slowly he began to be afraid that something might have happened. Maybe the monster of the full-moon…? He took a piece of fabric he found in his house too cover himself a bit, then he began to search more far away. Finally he arrived at the base of a big rock, where he could hear a weak voice.
"Go- Goku…! I- I am… here…"
The boy ran to the rock where the voice came from, and froze from the shock of what he saw there. There was his Grandfather, covered in blood. Even he noticed that he was deadly hurt.
"Grandpa! What happened?! Who did this to you???" the boy demanded to know under his tears. With a superhuman effort Gohan opened his eyes and between tears and blood he looked at his beloved grandson.
"G-Goku… You are… well…! Good…" he managed to say before he tossed up blood.
"Grandpa!! Tell me who did this!! Please!"
He had to think about his answer. Could he tell the kid what had happened? He knew there was no hope for him. But… Could he load that feeling of guilt on the boy's shoulders? No, that would be much too heavy for him. It would be inhuman.
"The… m-monster… of the full-moon…!"
"What??? Damn it! Where is it?! Forgive me, please! Only because if went out…! Grandpa!" Goku screamed out and embraced the thorax of his grandfather. With his last strength the old master raised his hand and caressed Gokus hair.
"Goku… You are…a special kid. Please… become strong… and enjoy your life! This world is… big and wide… You gotta see it… I'll give you that orange ball… the one you like so much… It will protect you… in my name… My grandson… I… I love… you…"
Their eyes met for the last time, and then Son Gohan closed his eyes for forever and expired. He died with his usual smile on his lips…

The time passed by.
Two years later, as Goku was returning from a fishing tour, he met a strange young woman from the city, with even more strange machineries. She was searching for a thing called "Dragonball"…
English version of this short story I wrote some time ago. I always wondered how this events were... If there was a wish for a Gaiden to be made, I would vote for this. It would be a nice doujinshi...
English is not my mother language, I know there might be errors.


Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
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monstermaster13 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wonderful story.
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This brings so many tears to my eyes.
Lizarman Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
Loved it! And the picture. Do yoy have it on a bigger resolution?
Loicsolaris Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011
hello !

Stef84 and me was scheduled for a year to make a doujinshi about it! It is already underway, 3-4 pages done, it should make no more 25-30. it will be released on in the next six months I think.

Stef84 und ich wurde für ein Jahr geplant, eine Doujinshi machen darüber! Es ist bereits im Gange, 3-4 Seiten fertig, sollte sie nicht mehr 25-30. es wird auf in den nächsten sechs Monaten denke ich freigegeben werden.

(sorry for the english...)
BK-81 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011
Really? Cool. I came too late, I guess ^^;
Maybe you can get some ideas here... I'm earger to read it when finished!
DaVonteWagner Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Goku/Kakarot is not from Earth. He is originally from the destroyed Planet Vegeta.

Grampa Gohan Adopted Goku/Kakarot because he loved.

The only truth that Goku/Kakarot killed his own adopted Grandfather when he was in his ape form.
BK-81 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011
I know that. What's your point...?
DaVonteWagner Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nothing, really.
BlazingBarrager Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Student Writer
I agree. We really need something that shows Gohan's death.

Very nice story.
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